VACANCY: Digital Communications, Engagement and Social Media Analysts

Posting Date: 22/11/2021, 12:00 PM CAT

Apply Before: 30/11/2021, 11:59 PM CAT

Job Schedule: Full-time / Part-time

Working Hours: 09:00AM – 04:00PM

Agency: Bien Corporation Africa

Vacancy Type: Full-time/ Consultancy

Area: Communications

Contract Duration: 6 months

Education & Work Experience: Bachelor’s Degree with 0-1 year experience OR Certificate/Diploma with 2+ year(s) experience

Remuneration range: MK50,000 per month per client portfolio managed (analysts to be given one or more portfolios)

Required Languages: English

Desired Languages: Other Malawian / African Languages


Bien Corporation Africa is a business development and digital solutions company – a network of young African specialists working for brands in Africa to help them leverage digital platforms and innovations.

Job Description

BCA has established a dedicated team of professionals to work in the areas of Partnerships and Communications unit in support of the partnerships and communications needs of BCA and its clients. The Digital Communication, Engagement and Social Media Analyst is part of the BCA Partnerships and Communications team based in Lilongwe (and potentially Mangochi), and will work on the digital presence and social media engagement portfolio of BCA, supporting the development and implementation of BCA’s social media strategy, use of its visual assets and supports digital communication needs of BCA and its clients. BCA reserves the right to hire one or more people in this role. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision and guidance of the BCA Communications Specialist, the Digital Communication,  Engagement and Social Media Analysts will:

Produce, optimize, and enhance digital content on behalf of clients for publication and further dissemination to digital channels/platforms

  • Write and edit products targeting various audiences and the media
  • Draft, summarize and edit succinct communications pieces of varying length for different internal and external audiences in close cooperation with rest of the unit and other BCA clients
  • Support the substantive revision of content aimed at social media and media outreach, in coordination with the author(s), and communications focal points within relevant BCA teams
  • Support the strategic growth of global audiences through various digital channels and diversification of high-quality audiovisual content
  • Develop ideas for infographics, charts and images that creatively convey key messages/data
  • Develop scripts and storyboards for audiovisual and digital content highlighting key issues
  • Enhance user experience and journey and impact of BCA communication products
  • Ensure quality control of digital communications products (including digital newsletters, strategies, publications, infographics, videos and related content) produced at regional level
  • Curate and present stories, images and videos in BCA’s web content management system
  • Review and edit web stories, headlines and captions, liaising with relevant teams to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Work with content providers to research or rewrite material from the standpoint of reader interest, clarity, political sensitivity, thoroughness and accuracy, as well as relevance to BCA’s focus areas

Manage BCA digital portfolios and engagement

  • Manage BCA’s and clients’ social media accounts
  • Produce and curate content that reflects communications priorities and key messages and speaks effectively to the audience
  • Monitor and moderate comments on social media posts, intervening as appropriate to answer questions and guide the conversation
  • Conduct monthly digital media monitoring
  • Produce regular analyses on social media impact of BCA and clients’ in the Africa region
  • Provide social media support for missions, events and outreach for BCA’s corporate communication needs
  • Advise BCA senior management on approaches and strategies to social media engagement
  • Act as BCA focal point on social media issues and regularly engages with other clients and interagency social media and communication teams and working mechanisms
  • Ensure political or programmatic sensitivities are taken into consideration and addressed in digital content production
  • Develop and regularly update media.
  • Social media and digital influencers mapping and develop new engagement opportunities

  Supports the development and implementation of BCA’s digital media engagement strategy

  • Analyse African and diaspora audience behavior and preferences
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the current portfolio of platforms and content
  • Conduct ongoing analysis of BCA’s audience and use the data and evidence to adjust digital strategy as appropriate
  • Identify, develop and execute creative opportunities, including campaigns, to increase awareness of BCA and its priority areas across relevant digital platforms
  • Tests new approaches
  • Engage BCA staff at HQ, potentially district level to collect inputs, data and communication that informs that development of BCA’s social media engagement strategy.
  • Support the Partnership and Communications Unit in the development of BCA’s social media engagement strategy
  • Prepare a social media engagement strategy rollout plan
  • Support the implementation of BCA’s social media engagement strategy through regular monitoring, mentoring and analysis
  • Integrate BCA social media engagement strategy with other online and offline communication activities to ensure that BCA’s social media content and channels support its overall brand, vision and communications.
  • Support BCA clients’ by cross promoting their work on BCA social media and web-based platforms

Develop and implement digital media plans for major BCA research and activities

  • Draft key messages in collaboration with BCA teams and other BCA colleagues, as required
  • Contribute to digital creative process by developing creative content across all BCA digital platforms to build awareness and engagement and achieve strategic priorities
  • Support with events planning and creating audiovisual and digital products for regional and multi-country activities or discussions
  • Maintain and engage BCA’s online communities, including drafting and editing content such as photos and information-based graphics, and strategic placement
  • Position BCA and its experts on leading digital media platform

Manage BCA’s visual assets and social media tools

  • Curate BCA’s visual assets (vídeos, photos, etc.) and develops internal visual assets archive and catalogue
  • Engage with BCA regional hubs and district offices to collect relevant visual material for BCA’s social media engagement needs
  • Based on best practices, prepares visual guidelines for photography and video
  • Support procurements processes for communication tools and equipments
  • Support procurement processes for photography, video and other relevant communication material
  • Keep abreast with the latest developments in the social media industries, in terms of new social media tools, channels, trends, etc. and advices BCA’s senior management accordingly.

Support digital media communication needs of BCA regional hubs and district offices

  • Actively engage with communications and social media and digital teams in BCA’s regional hubs and district offices to ensure BCA’s coherent digital engagement in the Africa region
  • Provide backstopping support to BCA’s regional hubs and district offices on digital and social media issues
  • Promotes knowledge sharing across BCA on digital communication innovation and best practices
  • Using BCA social media guidelines, and continental good practice, provide training and guidance to BCA colleagues on the use of digital media and creation of assets
  • Produce guidelines and relevant training material that supports BCA’s regional hubs and district offices digital and social media needs and ensures a unified approach to BCA’s digital engagement in the Africa region
  • Provide training and assets to teach skills, impart knowledge and inform on guidelines for effective digital communications
  • Build capacity of digital communications at all levels through knowledge sharing
  • Monitor social media trends for outreach purposes and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media at BCA



Innovation – Ability to make new and useful ideas work

Leadership – Ability to persuade others to follow

People Management – Ability to improve performance and satisfaction

Communication – Excellent writing skills and ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform

Delivery – Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement


Research – Knowledge of analytical tools, market research and methods for undertaking substantive research on various policy related issues

Marketing – Ability to communicate the value of a product or service

Web Design – Ability to create and design web content

Multimedia writing/editing – Originating and/or editing written content for media and the general public to be disseminated through press or other online outlets

Relationship Management – Ability to engage and foster strategic partnerships with other parties, Inter-Agency Coordination and forge productive working relationships

Office Administration – Ability to manage day-to-day office activities (including but not limited to travel management, facilities and asset management, policy and procedures maintenance) to meet operational needs

Quality Assurance – Ability to perform administrative and procedural activities to ensure that quality requirements and goals are fulfilled

Required Skills and Experience 


  • Bachelor’s or equivalent in communications, digital communications, animation or digital content production, public relations, marketing, media relations, journalism, international relations, design, development, social sciences or related fields. Those holding a certificate or diploma with 2+ years of relevant communications experience will be considered.


  • 0-2 years with Bachelor, years of work experience in communications, digital media communications, digital content and marketing, public relations or advocacy, – including experience in strategic implementation of online and other tools
  • Experience in content management systems, multimedia, social media and graphic design;
  • Knowledge and experience in handling of web-based management systems.
  • Previous experience working in a multilateral or international organization would be an asset.
  • Country level professional digital media experience in programme countries would be an asset.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English;
  • Fluency in other Malawian/other African languages is a bonus.


  • Proficiency in the use of content management systems, photo editing tools and other web publishing tools;
  • Good knowledge of internet communications, marketing and outreach activities


Fill this application form, to be considered for a position with BCA.


Want to work in this role, but do not have the necessary skills in digital communications and media? Apply for the fully funded Digital Skills Training under our training institution, Digi Savvy Africa. We will accept applications for this training till the 30th of November, 2021.

The most promising candidates excel in this course will be considered for paid positions within BCA. See the training forrm for more details.

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